Chapter 13 Always Preparing of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

Favorite quotes from Chapter 13 Always Preparing of Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp

I think all preparation to preach or teach should be devotional, but in this instance, preparation crushed devotion.

Later that day someone asked me what I had been reading in my private time of worship. It was as I answered that I realized I had not had a private time of worship that day; no, just another opportunity to prepare.

Many pastors out there are seeking to lead and teach well, but it is simply not fueled or directed by the devotion of their hearts to their Savior.

when you’ve forgotten who you are, when you assign to yourself more maturity than you actually have, and when you think you are more capable than you really are, you leave yourself little reason to seek the ongoing help of your Savior.

Proud people tend not to be thankful, precisely because pride causes them to take more credit than they deserve.

more in love with ministry than they are in love with Christ.

They don’t live with the daily grief of knowing that everything they teach is much easier to teach than to live.

you are not reading that passage in the morning to develop content for a moment of teaching; you’re reading it to feed your own heart.

there are very important moments in local-church ministry when the church is blessed and protected not because the person leading knows all the right things but because that person brings the right heart to the moment.

You must die to your maintenance of your reputation.

Because private worship exposes us again and again to God’s life-altering grace, it frees us from our hope that we can change people.

autonomy, self-reliance, and self-righteousness crush tender, humble, gracious, patient, loving pastoral ministry.

Private worship is one of God’s means of rescuing not just you but also those he has placed in your care. It is a sad and dangerous thing, not just for you but for the church under your care, when assessments of arrival have separated you from the holy fear and humble gratitude that fuel consistent personal worship.

there is no grace that we offer to others that we don’t at once need ourselves.

Have I lost my infant-like hunger for the nutrition of God’s Word? Have I lost my hunger for the comfort and safety of intimate communion with my Lord?

The Bible has ceased being a mirror for you and is used only as a tool for ministry to others

Worship morphs from a humble and grateful private quest to something you lead as a public duty

Your Christianity becomes more about a system of redemption than about a personal relationship and communion with the Redeemer

your desire to master content of the Word is not coupled with a craving that your heart would be mastered by the God of the Word.

You are more driven to be theologically informed than to have your heart and life radically transformed by God’s Word.

having a concern for others that overwhelms grief for yourself.

pride of knowing replaces the humility of being known.

have arrival and ministry busyness crushed your life of private, meditative, Christ-communing worship?

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