Sep 12: Nepal | Operation World

Socio-economic needs remain a huge challenge in this beautiful but troubled land.a Poverty and unemployment keep Nepal from progressing. Fully 47% are underemployed working less than 40% of their available working hours. Pray for creative and sustainable means of gainful employment.b Young people comprise two-thirds of Nepal’s population, which is one of the world’s youngest and fastest growing. Most live in rural areas, deprived of education and opportunity. Illiteracy is widespread. Young people are vulnerable to economic exploitation, sex trafficking, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and radicalization political or religious. Pray for changes here that offer young people hope and a future.c Despite becoming a secular democracy, Nepal’s social structures remain dominated by Hinduism. This perpetuates the caste system, which oppresses many, most notably Dalits who make up as much as 14% of the population. Caste discrimination is technically illegal but ubiquitous nonetheless. Converts from Hinduism to Christ usually become outcastes as well. Pray for the shattering of this unjust system.

via Sep 12: Nepal | Operation World.

via Sep 12: Nepal | Operation World.

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