Sep 11: Namibia, Nauru | Operation World


Challenge for Prayer

German and Finnish Lutheran and then Anglican missionaries gave birth to large denominations in the 19th Century. Liberal theology and syncretistic Afro-Spiritism eroded that spiritual heritage, and now many self-styled Christians are either nominal or incorporate unbiblical practices into their faith. Reformation is greatly needed, but first there needs to be an opening of hearts to the Spirit. Pray for a biblical faith to be restored throughout Namibia’s many churches.


Challenge for Prayer

Spiritual awareness grows as the economy shrinks. Materialism’s decline is faith’s gain. Church life is reawakening and evangelical numbers are growing. The Nauru Independent Church is the largest evangelical group, but there are believers in the other denominations as well. The JESUS film has been seen by almost the entire population.

via Sep 11: Namibia, Nauru | Operation World.

via Sep 11: Namibia, Nauru | Operation World.

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