Aug 04: Korea, North | Operation World

North Korean refugees in China number in the region of 300,000. It is highly risky to attempt escape – capture means imprisonment and likely torture or death. Pray for:

a) Chinese authorities, who are caught between international pressure against such inhumane repatriation of North Korean refugees and awkward loyalty to North Korea. North Korean agents in China will go so far as to pose as pastors, build fake churches to entice Korean refugees and then capture them.

b) The 200,000 ethnic Korean Christians living in neighbouring Chinese provinces. Many try to shelter North Korean refugees and share the gospel with them, but they are punished if caught harbouring refugees.

c) Korean refugees in China, who must live in hiding and are hunted by Chinese and North Korean agents. Some estimate that between 70% and 90% of women refugees end up as slave-wives or sold into the sex trade. Many refugees find Jesus through the kindness of Christians who help them. Some make it to South Korea via other nations, but find it very difficult to adjust to life there. Other converted North Korean escapees return home to take back the gospel at extreme risk to their own lives.

Reunification of North and South is a wish and a prayer for most Koreans on both sides of the demilitarized zone, but on very different terms. South Korean Christians praying for unification might need to first look at unity among themselves before being truly prepared for any such prayers to be answered. If or when the two nations become one, at worst, it could be on the back of a terribly damaging war and, at best, it would require massive external assistance to relieve a failed state.

via Aug 04: Korea, North | Operation World.

via Aug 04: Korea, North | Operation World.

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