Jul 20: Israel | Operation World

The Jewish mindset toward Christianity, often characterized by animosity and part of a long and painful history, is a barrier to be overcome. “Christian” nations are seen to be destroyers of the Jewish nation whether by persecution (as in the Holocaust) or by proselytization. Pray that the gospel may be understood as a fulfilment of their Jewish heritage, and pray that a widespread turning to their Messiah might come. Those who oppose the gospel are more active than ever; pray also that all attempts to restrict religious freedom and to deny the Jewish identity of Messianic believers may ultimately cause even more Jews to come to faith.

The Christian Church in Israel is fragmented, although soundings of unity are beginning. It is comprised of about 80% Arabs, 12% expatriates (Egyptian, Ethiopian, Greek, Russian, Armenian, Italian, others) and 8% Jews. There are Catholics (five rites), Orthodox (nine traditions) and Protestants/Independents (over 20 denominations, many individual congregations and over 100 mission agencies). Pray for spiritual unity that transcends history, ethnic conflict, national origins, eschatology and secondary areas of theology.

via Jul 20: Israel | Operation World.

via Jul 20: Israel | Operation World.

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