Jul 17: Iraq | Operation World

Monumental political changes have occurred since 1991. The Kurds have been grateful to the USA since it liberated their homelands in northern Iraq that year. For the rest of Iraq, Saddam’s harsh rule came to an end in 2003. But the US invasion was the perfect platform for Islamist insurgents to unleash terror against the erstwhile occupiers, government forces and other perceived collaborators in an orgy of violence. Rival Shi’a and Sunni factions turned on each other with murderous, even suicidal, intent. Through all this, ordinary people suffered intimidation, kidnappings and bombings. With the withdrawal of Western forces, the responsibility of maintaining and building peace lies with the Iraqis themselves. Signs are promising that they possess the will and the ability to build a stable society. Pray not just for the absence of terror but also for the palpable presence and influence of the Prince of Peace.

via Jul 17: Iraq | Operation World.

via Jul 17: Iraq | Operation World.

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