Andy Stanley: Communicating for a Change


Every single person who sits politely and listens to you on Sunday is one decision away from moral, financial, and marital ruin.  Every one of ’em.  Many are considering options with consequences that will follow them the remainder of their lives.  There are husbands teetering on the brink of unfaithfulness.  Wives whose schedules are sustainable.  Couples who are drowning in a sea of debt.  Teenagers who are there because their parents forced them to come.  Young men who have been told they are gay.  Young ladies who have been told their worth goes no further than their physical beauty.

There they sit.  Silent.  Waiting.  Hoping.  Doubting.  Anticipating.  What are we going to do?  What are you going to do?  What are you going to say?

This is the world we have been called to address.  These are the issues we have been called to confront.  There is much at stake.  There are many at risk.  The great news is the pages of Scripture are filled with principles, narratives, and truth that address each of these needs.  The question you must answer is, to what extreme are you willing to go to create a delivery system that will connect with the heart of your audience?  Are you willing to abandon a style, an approach, a system that was designed in another era for a culture that no longer exists?  Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to step into the lives God has placed in your care?  Are you willing to make the adjustment?  WIll you consider letting go of your alliterations and acrostics and three point outlines and talk to people in terms they understand?  WIll you communicate for life change? Andy Stanley: Communicating for a Change

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