O Brothers, Where Art Thou?

"Men commonly just don’t know what or who we’re supposed to be. Mixed messages and gender confusion can particularly screw up us younger, single men. Without clear guidance, it’s easy to follow the wrong path.

Think of culture and Christianity as two storefronts next to each other on the street. Both have signs advertising their offerings. Culture advertises sex, recklessness, alcohol, instant gratification, and not having to rely on anybody but yourself.

On the other hand, the church window seems to promise judgment, rules, and hymns. As an extra bonus, there’s a family focus and a largely feminine, touchy-feely outlook. Looking at it this way, it’s a little more understandable why many men leave the church after high school and come back only as married men with families, a shifted focus, and a greater emotional maturity, if they come back at all. They’ve sown their wild oats, seen the errors of their ways, and now understand what’s truly lasting and important in life."

from http://www.christianitytoday.com/tc/2006/002/1.28.html.

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I'm Danny Wahlquist and my interests include: bacnet,baptist,blog,christian,church,danny,development,docbook,genealogy,immanuel,Jesus,localization,niagara,pictures,tridium,and web. My genealogy research includes Borum,Brewer,Brown,Calhoun,Eads,Garnett,Graham,Kelly,Lawson,Melton,Nelson,Reisner,Sanderson,Shelton,Wahlquist.
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